Dr. Spiller

Dr. Spiller helps deal with issues like

  • premature ageing and signs of ageing
  • high skin sensitivity, couperosis and acne rosace
  • acne treatment and removal of acne aftermath and traces
  • rehabilitation upon laser polishing, peeling etc

Favorite treatments

  • Age Repaire Rejuvenating Treatment with Vitamin C₴2000
  • Non-surgical Face and Neck Lifting₴1200
  • Modeling Modelage Beauty Mask 40+₴1500
  • Dr. Spiller Classic Massage₴1000
  • Anti Couperosis Classic Care₴2000
  • Sanvita Lifting Dr. Spiller₴1500

Dr. Spiller is a brand with a long history and of a impeccable reputation. This brand enjoys enviable trust among professionals and loyalty of clients.

Skin care products by Dr. Spiller unite the strength of traditions and the benefits of high technologies. Natural ingredients are thoroughly selected and combined to produce the best efficacy while solving and treating aesthetic issues.

Sanvita Lifting

This treatment is based on the use of an intensive skin care product rich in bioactive components capable of fast and deep skin penetration and impregnation.
It rejuvenates the skin, renews its functions and has soothing and stimulating effects upon it and also prevents premature skin ageing, makes the skin look fresh and shiny, supports a smooth structure and softness of the skin.

Classical Anti-couperosis care

It restores the skin and fights swells due to special herbal extracts capable of effective protection and strengthening of blood vessels and improvement of blood microcirculation. It removes redness and other signs of irritation and also delivers a very delicate lightening effect.

Contouring Modalege Beauty Mask 40+

This facial mask is meant for the mature dry skin. It ensures deeper delivery of active ingredients, lifting of a facial contour and removal of a double chin.
Mask’s effects are realized through warmth and this is why the temperature between a heated mask and epidermis is increasing. This helps active substances applied on the skin penetrate it deeper and deliver their effects to make it firm and tight and to bring up a facial contour.

Rejuvenating treatment Age Repair with vitamin C

It reinforces collagen fibers and increases their elasticity. It also relieves the stress of facial muscles and has an antioxidant effect. It revives and moisturizes the facial skin and improves its color.


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Chernivtsi, Heroes of Maidan 150 st.

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everyday, from 9:00 to 21:00 (without days off)
+38 (099) 520 88 88

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