EndyMed PRO RF 3-DEEP face and body lifting

3DEEP technology ensures

  • renewal of the skin tightness
  • firming and lifting of the skin of a face, neck and cleavage
  • tightening of a facial contour and a submandibular zone
  • rejuvenation of forehead skin and correction of age effects in a parotic zone (around ears)
  • RF-lifting of the skin around eyes, reduction of wrinkles and regaining of the skin firmness around lips

Favorite treatments

  • EndyMed PURE RF 3 DEEP Face Lifting₴40 per minute
  • EndyMed PURE RF 3 DEEP Body Lifting₴40 per minute

The only in the city of Chernivtsi device is available at our Center and it is always at your service to regain youth and freshness.

3DEEP is a 3-dimensional RF-lifting with the application of EndyMed PRO device, the most advanced method of fractional rejuvenation of the skin delivering its effects to all layers of the skin simultaneously.

The treatment is based upon the use of RF waves capable of heating up deep layers of the skin and reactivating natural production of collagen fibers and elastin (neocollagenesis). Besides, the effect of energy flow makes fibers tighter and stiffer and lifts up and rejuvenates the skin.

The advantages of 3DEEP-lifting treatments include

  • Results are clearly apparent after the first session
  • The treatment is efficient and comfortable. During a session you feel pleasant warmth only. There are no skin damage or any traces of treatment
  • Absolute safety and no side effects

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