A hydro-massage treatment helps

  • get rid of exhaustion
  • reduce the level of stress
  • improve skin tonus
  • fight excess pounds and cellulite
  • shape body and eliminate toxins

Favorite treatments

  • Energy Surge 1 (Hydro Bath, Wrapping/Peeling)₴2500
  • Hydro Bath₴1500

Hydro-massage treatments combine hydropathy, massage and thermotherapy. At the beginning warm water filled with bubbles and, optionally, saturated with herbs, salts or essential oils, brings relaxation and calms down.

In 10-15 minutes an operator starts massaging body areas with water jets. Under the water the effects of such massaging is softer while above the water, at a 10-15 cm distance, these are sharper and acuter. It makes muscles strain and contract and improves blood circulation and lymph drainage.

The primary secret of a hydro-massage treatment is in its ability to influence deeper layers of the skin. Water jets massaging the skin improve the metabolic activity in it and this leads to effective burning of excessive fat deposits and the reduction of body volumes.


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