Icoone laser

ICOONE Laser is applied for

  • treatment of cellulite and reduction of a fat tissue volumes
  • elimination of swells
  • fighting the flaccidity of the skin
  • body contouring (firming of buttocks and waist)
  • tightening of breasts
  • also within the framework of sport and medical programs meant for different conditions of the body

Favorite treatments

  • Face, Neck and Cleavage Massage₴800
  • Body massage Base Program + 3 Focus Programs₴1000
  • Body Massage and Varicose Veins Treatment: Base Program + 1 Focus Program₴600
  • Management of medical issues and massage methods for body: Base Program + 3 Focus Programs₴1200

This miracle of modern cosmetology has only recently appeared at our market. The only ICOON LASER in the city of Chernivsti is installed and available at our Center.

Thanks to the new generation of microstimulators which employ a patented technology of Rododerm, ICOON LASER ensures skin care of the highest level. This device is unsurpassed and unrivaled in all senses: it has no real counterparts and all other devices built upon different technologies are lagging far behind it.

Out of three possible dimensions of microstimulators movement a beautician selects one which is in the best match with your skin. This approach insures non-traumatic lymphatic drainage and as an outcome there appear no bruises or even skin redness.

The effects of the device are aiming at reduction of local fat deposits, restoring a tissue tonus and also at a body sculpturing. Already upon the first session you notice that your figure has gained in fairness of contours, your skin has restored its firmness and elasticity, your bust and buttocks have become tighter. It is also very important that you may take ICOONE Laser treatments on a daily basis

The advantages of ICOONE Laser are

• There are over 30 programs available for targeted treatment of different issues. There are Wellness treatments for aesthetic applications and HealthCare treatments for medical applications

• There are body treatments as well as facial treatments and treatments for a neck and a cleavage area

• Treatments may be taken on a daily basis as ICOONE Laser has attenuated and delicate physiological effects upon the structure of body tissues

• Safety – it is safe even during pregnancy

• Treatments may be combined with other technologies and treatments to improve its efficacy.
• No skin damage


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Chernivtsi, Heroes of Maidan 150 st.

Working time

everyday, from 9:00 to 21:00 (without days off)
+38 (099) 520 88 88

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