The process of restoration of skin passes three stages

  • deep moisturizing
  • maintenance of required level of moist
  • softening and creating of a protective film

Favorite treatments

  • Booster₴5015₴3500
  • Remodeling and Lifting. Atoxelene₴5090₴3500
  • Treatment of problem-prone sensitive skin with acne. Clarity Sensitive₴5300₴3500
  • Renewal and Radiance. Opulence₴6350₴3500
  • Rejuvenation and Bio-Revitalization. Rejuvenate₴4850₴3500

This brand offers a whole range of treatments for non-injection skin rejuvenation and skin care.

Oxygen bio-revitalization is totally unparalleled in terms of efficacy and pampering comfort and produces a mind blowing effect with no down time. Wrinkles disappear rapidly and the skin regains healthy and glowing look.

Regeneration happens due to the use of Intraceuticals care products combined with cleansing with hyperbaric oxygen and a special serum containing a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This unique combination helps restoration and maintenance of a moisture level in the skin.

Replenishment and glowing. Opulence

An innovative rejuvenating serum in a matter of seconds enriches the skin with a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This treatment moisturizes skin and lets all active substances into deep layers of the skin where they build up a foundation for better skin care and nourishing.

Sculpting and lifting. Atoxelene

This treatment is a natural alternative to botulotoxine injections. In the course of a treatment the skin is instantly enriched with a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Due to high content of botanical oligopeptide it smooths fine lines and wrinkles. 


These treatments are designed to deliver an express effect of the skin renewal. The processes of ageing are slowed down and the skin gets protection against photo-ageing. Treatments also regulate sebaceous glands functioning thus preventing the appearance of skin rash. Booster serums may remove a net of surface fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, they also strengthen capillaries and ensure a visual lifting effect. 

Rejuvenation and bio revitalization. Rejuvenate

A low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in this product is capable of penetrating deeply into the skin where it triggers the production of skin’s own moisturizing factors. A serum is perfectly nourishing the skin, strengthening its structure and stimulating the processes of renewal and regeneration from inside the skin.

Clarity Sensitive : treating problem-prone sensitive skin with acne

Thanking to a whole complex of anti-inflammatory and healing components, this product cures problems of the skin, visibly removes signs of inflammation and irritation, dries rashes and activates regeneration processes. Due to a combination of effects, it makes the problem-prone skin look well-groomed and healthy.


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