Pressure Therapy

The indications for application of Pressure Therapy are

  • Prevention and treatment of varicose veins
  • Removal of cellulite
  • Body shaping
  • Reduction of weight and volumes of body
  • Treatment of swells

Favorite treatments

  • Pressure Therapy: feet + abdomen, a 10-treatment course₴2700
  • Pressure Therapy: feet₴350
  • Pressure Therapy: abdomen₴350

Pressure therapy is one of the methods of lymphatic drainage. It is based on the effects made by compressed air upon the body which lead to evacuation of excessive liquids and body waste. It improves venous circulation and supports metabolism in skin cells and a subcutaneous adipose tissue.

A patient is being dressed in a special suit, covering a whole body or body parts, to which suit an apparatus supplies compressed air according to a preset program. The air is undulating upon defined body areas. This leads to an improved tonus of blood vessels and the reduction of permeability of blood capillaries.

Already upon the first treatment a patient feels pleasant warmth in all body, lightness in feet, experiences a burst of energy and vitality and a better mood. In few sessions swells are gone, cellulite signs are reduced, a color of the skin becomes more even and spider veins disappear.

Although Pressure Therapy solves many health-related and appearance-related issues there are certain contraindications to take into account. These are for instance, diabetes, thrombosis, pregnancy, lactation etc.

Our experienced personnel know the complete list of contraindications and will inform you in advance to exclude any undesirable outcomes.


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