STYX Body Care

SPA treatments with products by STYX help

  • reduce overweight
  • activate processes of metabolism
  • detox a body
  • strengthen blood vessels walls
  • improve skin tonus

Favorite treatments

  • Medium Lady Anti-cellulite Wrapping₴1300
  • Strong Lade Anti-cellulite Wrapping₴1700
  • Sea Weed Energy Body Mask (totally)₴3700
  • Wet Whisky Swaddling (total)₴2000
  • Chocolate Wrapping₴1100

An Austrian brand of STYX Naturcosmetic is a dynasty of pharmacologists keeping the long-established traditions of producing top quality cosmetics.

All STYX products contain essential oils which are bioactive substances ensuring maximum efficacy of this professional line. Our clientele enjoy amazing results already upon the first treatment.

Chocolate Wrapping

This treatment consists of wrapping of a whole body in natural hot chocolate. It provides the skin with rich nourishment and generous moisturizing, ensures skin tightness and put you in a good mood. This treatment is indispensable when dealing with cellulite issues and swells.

Wet Whisky Swaddling

This treatment consists of wet swaddling of a body with bandages soaked in whisky-lotions upon the application of so-called pads, i.e. products based on essential oils.
This treatment ensures wellness, shapes up body, fights excessive pounds, reduces old stretch marks and gets rid of new ones, removes swells, improves the immunity and brings wonderful relaxation.

Sea Weed Energy Facial Mask

This treatment features outstanding fat-burning properties. It activates lipolysis, burns fat, removes cellulite and lifts the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Wrap

It is wrapping with an anti-cellulite cream having a long-lasting effect and penetrating into deep layers of the skin where it stimulates processes of microcirculation and metabolism. It has resorbing and anti-oxidant effects and makes the skin elastic, tight and well moisturized.

Seductive Bust: Treatment for Breasts and Cleavage Area

This treatment renews a bust volume, tightens the skin and improves its tonus, removes wrinkles, improves the skin color and boost overall wellbeing.


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