Body care by ELEMIS

ELEMIS body care products are used for treatments like

  • fighting cellulite
  • detox
  • relieving muscle tension
  • relaxation and anti-stress

Favorite treatments

  • Anti-cellulite Manual Massage (locally)₴700
  • Body Honey Dew Hydrating Wrapping Orchid Flowers₴2200
  • Hot Stone Body Massage₴1200
  • Lime and Ginger Intensive Body Care (exfoliating, facial care and relax massage)₴3000
  • Botanic English Garden Body Care₴1400
  • Freestyle Deep Tissue Body Massage₴1400
  • Deep Tissue Massage with Quartz Crystals₴2300

Body care products by a British brand ELEMIS has long ago gained and still firmly hold a leading position at the global aesthetic market. Results and effects of these products appear fairly soon.

Immediately upon the application you feel your skin refreshed, it apparently softens and relaxes. Oils absorb quickly and do not leave your skin oily or sticky to the touch and the skin pores are left clean.

Massage treatments

Deep massage with poultices filled with quartz crystals helps get rid of pain, spasms and muscles tension.
Freestyle Body Massage combines elements of different massaging techniques including classic massage, Thai massage, lymphatic massage and Hawaiian massage

Depending on an oil used for a treatment you may select a type of a massage treatment:

  • Anti-stress with Lavender
  • Anti-cellulite Detox with Orange
  • Relax with Rosemary and Fennel

Stone massage relieves muscle pain and gives a feeling of total relaxation. It is advised for therapeutic and wellness programs.

Anti-cellulite manual massage helps improve body shape and contours, works out problem-prone areas and improves skin tonus.

Complex body care

This treatment includes body peeling, massage, relax and facial care.

English Garden Botanic Body Care. This treatment provides intense skin nourishment and moisturizing. Unique oils make the skin more elastic and velvety to the touch. The treatment eliminates toxins and metabolites, relieves of muscle pain and results in deep body relaxation and regaining of peace and serenity.

Lime and Ginger Intense Body Care. Lime and ginger extracts are perfectly cleansing the skin and improve its tonus. They also have warming and stimulating effects and improve cells metabolism thus stimulating process of the skin regeneration. Upon completion of this treatment your skin becomes vivacious and rejuvenated, smooth and silky.

Moisturizing wrapping with Orchid Flower essential oil

This opulent body oil ensures wonderful moisturizing of your skin. Thanks to a unique formula and a light texture the product absorbs quickly and saturates dry skin with moist. This treatment has soothing and relaxing effects and restores your balance and rebuilds harmony.


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